A club must be a member of the BWF before any events can be registered and appear on this website or in the BWF Event Book.

Information for existing member clubs

Clubs must renew their membership annually
Annual Club Membership renewal form

Change of Club Contact Details

Information for new clubs

Application for Club Membership form
Once you have applied for membership your application will be considered by the National Committee. If your club is accepted you will then be able to register single eventsseries eventspermanent trails and apply to use BWF third party insurance.

Membership Fees

No club will be registered until membership fees have been paid.  Please do not send any money when registering your club or events.  You will be sent an invoice after your paper work is received.

BWF Third Party Insurance

No events can be registered through the BWF unless the organisers are either:
Using BWF Third Party insurance
Provide proof of adequate Third Party insurance.

Only current member clubs can use BWF insurance and this must be applied for when registering club membership.