Recognised Medium Distance Walks between distances of 50 to 99km in Great Britain are eligible for IVV Awards. As these walking trails are becoming more popular and extensive, the BWF will now credit a walker with IVV Distance and Event stamps


To register for a Medium Distance Walk you need to complete a NT LDW MDW Registration Form and submit it together with the registration fee of £2.00 to the BWF Trails Officer.
On registration, you will be issued with a Report Book which you should complete on a daily basis. Each day you should record the date, distance walked, weather and collect a dated till receipt, shop/hotel stamp etc. The information collected acts as a check that the walk has actually been completed. If you need more pages these can be downloaded.


On completion of the Walk or part of a Walk you should send your report book together with the validation fee of £5.00 to the BWF Trails Officer. He will issue the appropriate IVV credit for the distance completed and event stamps as per the new IVV guidelines of 1 event stamp for each 20 kilometres completed. Those who complete the full Walk will receive a colour certificate of achievement. Those who only walk part of a trail will receive IVV credit as detailed above but will not receive a certificate.

There is a special Challenge, which is to complete 100 different BWF registered Permanent Trails, National Trails, Medium Distance Walks and Long Distance Walks. For more information go to PT100 Challenge.

Medium Distance Walks Registered since 1st May 2018:

1 Lea Valley Walk 85 4
2 Llangollen Canal Walk 80 4
3 Danelaw Way 95 4
4 Three Lochs Way 53 2
5 The Mendip Ways 80 4
6 Solent Way 97 4
7 The Cuckoo Way 74 3
8 Chesterfield Round Walk 55 2
9 Hertfordshire Chain Walk 63 3
10 Poole Harbour Trail 72 3
11 Stour Valley Path 96 4
12 Fen Rivers Way 80 4
13 Shipwrights Way 84 4
14 Worcester & Birmingham Canal 50 2
15 Wokingham Way 89 4
16 Wilberforce Way 97 4
17 Plogsland Round 76 3
18 Three Castles Path 96 4
19 Basingstoke Canal Towpath 53 2
20 The Test Way 74 3
21 Jubilee Greenway (London) 60 2
22 Three Forest Way 96 4
23 Calderdale Way 80 4
24 West Sussex Literary Trail 89 4
25 Stour Valley Way (Dorset) 97 4

A few examples that you may wish to consider.

  • Aylesbury Ring   50km
  • Shipwrights Way 74km
  • Oxford Green Belt Way  84km
  • Windermere Way 66km
  • Devonshire Heartland Way 69km