The IVV Achievement Awards Program?

This program is an incentive plan to encourage people to participate in Volkssport events, and therefore exercise regularly. It is optional - it is the choice of the participant whether or not to take part in this incentive plan. Most participants do join, because it is inexpensive, fun, and interesting to look back at their records of accomplishments. For specific questions and answers on the IVV Achievement Awards program, please see the IVV Frequently Asked Questions section.

By joining the IVV Award Scheme you can earn awards by taking part in Volkssport events worldwide.
You can redeem your IVV Record Books at milestones such as 10 events, 30 events, 500 kilometres, 1000 kilometres.
Record books are sold by the clubs at each event.

In the UK we have two types of record books.  You can purchase a Distance/Event log book at £3.00 which can be redeemed worldwide and includes your certificate with the option to purchase Pin Badge and/or Sew-on Badge. Or you can purchase an Optional Distance/Event log book at £1.00, which can only be redeemed in the UK, and you buy the various parts of the award when you have completed your events or distance.

Event Record Books are stamped once for each event (no matter how many times you completed the walk) and you redeem them at 10 events, 30 events, 50 events, 75 events, etc.

Distance Record Books are stamped once for each completion of the walk with the full distance walked recorded. You can redeem them at 500 kilometres, 1000 kilometres, 1500 kilometres, etc.

When you reach your target, post  your books to the BWF Awards Officer who will send you your award. Be sure to then buy a new set of books at the next event.