Are you interested in starting a new walking club in the UK? The BWF is looking for clubs to be set up in new areas that do not encroach on existing clubs.

Support from members of the National Committee can be arranged if required and in order to help with the financing of new clubs the National Committee will provide a reduced Fee structure for the first two years as follows:

Year 1

  • Membership Fee £10.00
  • Insurance contribution £10.00
  • Permanent Trail Registration £ 6.50 *
  • Series Event Registration £ 3.00 *
  • Main Event Registration £ 8.00 *

Footprint will be delivered by e-mail only but a printed copy of the Year Book will be issued. All other communication will be by e-mail. * subject to any price changes in future

Year 2

  • Membership Fee £15.00
  • Insurance contribution £30.00
  • All other fees and conditions as above.

Year 3

  • All Fees at full rates


All applications will be subject to approval by the National Committee. Applications, giving full details, should be sent to

BWF New Club Application Form

BWF New Club Information