Permanent trails are self guided walks. They can be walked at any time to obtain IVV credit. Some are organised by the BWF and others by our member clubs. We have organised the trails in regions to assist you in finding a trail in the area that you wish to walk in.

Walkers can obtain a route description either by following the links on this website and downloading the route or by contacting the walk organiser who will send them the route.

When you walk a permanent trail you will need to find the answers to questions on your way. The answers will provide proof that you have completed the walk when you apply for IVV credit.

After completing the trail and answering the questions, you should complete the PT Completion & IVV Stamp Claim Form and send it, along with the appropriate fee to the trail organiser. You can obtain your IVV stamp by sending your IVV cards or BWF insert cards to the trail organiser or by asking the trail organiser to supply your stamp on new insert cards.

To assist you in selecting a suitable trail the routes have been graded to indicate the degree of difficulty. Grade 1 is easy whilst grade 3 is more strenuous. The grades have been supplied by the trail organiser.

There is a special Challenge for Permanent and National Trails, which is to complete 100 different BWF registered Permanent or National Trails. For more information go to PT100 Challenge.

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About Permanent Trails