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CONTACT:  John Hawkins, 141 Daubeney Road, London E5 0EP
Tel: 07989 979991    Email:

ENTRY FEE: £1.00 per walker (Cheques payable to North London Walking Club)
AWARD: Cloth Badge at £2.50 each
START VENUE: Richmond Station (NR/London Overground/District Line)
FINISH: Kew Gardens Station (District Line/London Overground)
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ROUTE DESCRIPTION (Updated March 2012)

Upon exiting the station turn left along the Quadrant.

Q.1 There is a plaque half way up the wall of No.28, what does it say?

Then take the second right turning, Duke Street, which brings you into Richmond Green. Go around the Green, along Portland Terrace and Pembroke Villas, and exit on the diagonally opposite corner, Old Palace Yard. At the end of Old Palace Yard you come to River Thames

Turn left here and follow the Thames path under Richmond Bridge until it departs from the riverside and goes through a short stretch of parkland before turning right and heading back towards the Thames. Follow the path, past Glover’s Island, until you reach the foot ferry, turn left here and take the path leading up to Ham House.

Q.2 What is the telephone number on the sign at Ham House?

From the gate of Ham House walk straight back to the River bank and turn right, back to the foot ferry. Then either:

a) Take the ferry across the Thames (Small charge made by ferry operator). On the far side turn right and follow the Thames path back to Richmond Bridge, passing Marble Hill House on the way. Cross over Richmond Road and into Willoughby Road.

b) If the Ferry is not operating or you do not wish to make use of it. Walk back along the Thames side path to Richmond Bridge. Walk under the bridge, turn right and walk up the steps. At the top cross over the River. On the far side take the first right turn into Willoughby Road.

At the end of Willoughby Road you will find a path called Ducks Walk. Follow this path walking under Twickenham Railway and Road Bridges and then along Ranelagh Drive until you come to Richmond Lock.

Continue past the Lock and continue following the path along the Thames until it emerges in Railshead Road. At the end of Railshead Road turn right and follow this Road to the second right turn (North Street) turn right here and then right again into Swan Street. Turn Left into Lower Square which then becomes Church Street and follow this Road until you come to the main entrance of Syon Park.

Follow this road all the way through the park, passing Syon House.

Q.3 100 yards beyond Syon House there is a garden centre, 20 yards beyond the entrance there is a blue plaque above a gate, what does it say?

Leave the Park using the Pedestrian entrance until it emerges at London Road. Turn right here and follow the road for approximately 1/4 Kilometre until you reach Augustus Close. Cross over and then turn Right along Augustus Close, follow it along until it meets Justin Close. Turn left next to the Brentford Dock Management office, passing under the block of flats, and then cross over the Grand Union Canal into Dock Road. At the end of Dock Road turn right along High Street.

Q.4 At the corner of Ferry Lane there is a red brick building, what does the sign halfway up say the building used to be?

Continue along High Street until you come to Watermans. Just past Watermans there is a path leading back to the Thames, follow this path until it emerges at Kew Bridge Road. Turn Right, passing the Music Museum and Kew Bridge Steam Museum, and continue along until you come to Kew Bridge

Q.5 At the centre of Kew Bridge there is a commemorative Plaque, which two counties does it mention?

Cross over the River for the final time and on the far side of the bridge take the first right turn, Kew Green, Go around the Green, Passing the parish Church of St.Anne and then turn Right along Kew Road. Follow Kew Road until you reach Cumberland Gate and turn left here along Kew Gardens Road. Follow Kew Gardens Road along to Station Approach where you turn left and walk along to Finish at Kew Gardens Station (District Line / London Overground)

When you have completed this trail please use the Permanent Trail Entry Form

The organisers are not liable for accidents, thefts and/or damage to property. Every effort will be made by the organisers to make this a safe, enjoyable and memorable event.