Club name/No - The name/No. of the BWF Club that is registering the event/s.  This club accepts responsibility for ensuring the event/s adhere to current BWF standards.

Contact - This is the person whose details will appear in the National and International Calendars and on the BWF Website. It is also the person to whom the Event Stamp will be sent.

Event - The name of the event being registered.; This name will appear in the National and International Calendars. (When events have long names these may be abbreviated).  Events may be single eventsseries events or permanent trails.

Start Venue - This is where the event starts and finishes. In the case of linear events, it is where the administration takes place.

Map, Grid Reference & Post Code - Map numbers should refer to the Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 (Landranger) Series.  Grid References should include the 100 km Grid Square letters and be to 6 figures. Post Code for the start venue should also be given if available.

Start Times - These times should be from the earliest that a participant can start any distance to the latest time that a participant can start any distance.

Distances - All distances available should be listed in Kilometres.

Entry Fee - This should be the minimum that a participant can expect to pay to enter an event. For this the participant must receive the IVV stamp without paying any extra.

Entry System - This applies to Permanent Trails and should provide details of how a participant can obtain a route description, an IVV stamp and any award offered.

Control System - The system in use to ensure that entrants have completed a Permanent Trail.

Trail Grade - A guide to the degree of difficulty of a Permanent Trail.