An easy walk on pavement or well maintained paths without stiles and only moderate hills. Walkers should check the routes suitability for wheelchairs or pushchairs with the trail organiser.

A moderate walk in any setting with some difficult paths and the possibility of one or more substantial hills. Not usually suitable for wheelchairs, walkers with pushchairs should check suitability with the trail organiser

A more difficult walk, mainly on poorly maintained path or tracks, through rough fields or woods. There may be steep climbs, rough uneven terrain or frequent stiles. Not suitable for wheelchairs and unlikely to be suitable for pushchairs, check suitability with the trail organiser. Participants with health problems should give careful consideration as to the trails suitability for them.

Where a trail falls between 2 grades, then a plus has been added to the lower grade.

Walkers should remember that adverse weather conditions could affect the grading of a particular trail and that different organizers may interpret the grading differently.