This page is a guide for Event Organisers when registering a series of events.

The full regulations governing events and their registration can be found in the BWF Constitution & Bylaws.


These are classified by the British Walking Federation as events that take place from one or more venues over a period of days, weeks or months.  A series must :

  • Consist of at least 4 events
  • Charge the same entry fee for each event.
  •  Must offer a distance of between 10 & 15 km.  In addition it may also offer a longer distance of between 16 & 24km and/or a shorter distance of 5km.

World Walking Day - The IVV celebrates World Walking Day each year on the 8th May.  Organisers can register any events that takes place between 2nd & 8th May 2016 as World Walking Day events.  A special stamp is given for these events.

Series Event Registration Form
Explanation of terms used on Registration forms

Organisers must provide proof of third party insurance cover for all events that they organise.

Event Registration Fees

No events will be registered until event registration fees have been paid. Payment should not be sent with registration forms.  An invoice will be sent when the forms are processed.


It is recommended at event organisers produce a leaflet with details of the series for any series that they wish to register with the BWF. When produced these should accompany the series registration form.

The following information should appear on the leaflet or series approval cannot be granted.