• The BWF 20:20 Challenge is designed to be a flexible personal challenge in which walkers can select their own type & level of challenge.

• The Challenge consists of two sections involving up to 20 different walks in each section:

Section A - Club Series Walks & Main Events Section B - Permanent Trails (including National Trails, Long Distance Walks & Medium Distance Walks)

• In each section, there will be a bronze, silver & gold award level:

Bronze = 5 Walks Silver = 10 Walks Gold = 20 Walks

• Walkers can select their own challenge by electing to attempt:

(a) only Section A (b) only Section B (c) both Section A & Section B.

• There is no restriction on the number of walks which can be done with any single club. If a walker wants to make the challenge more difficult, they can opt to walk with several different clubs instead of just one or two clubs.

• If an NT, LDW or MDW is to be included, the walk must be started & finished during 2020. These walks will receive the official number of event stamps for that trail in Section B of the challenge record card (e.g. Llangollen Canal Walk = 4 event stamps and therefore will receive 4 stamps in the challenge record card under Section B).

• Each walk during 2020 may only be counted ONCE towards the challenge.

• Walks must be completed during 2020 and a stamp collected on your challenge record card or challenge insert card.

• Each participant will receive a certificate of participation and a cloth badge.

To enter the challenge, complete and return the attached registration form together with the £5.00 entry fee to the address shown on the form.

Challenge record cards must be submitted to the BWF for validation by 31st January 2022. No submitted challenge record cards will be processed until 1st February 2022.